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Mine Cheese

There is a special tunnel in the Cobalt Mines that was designed for aging and storing cheese. This is where Mine Cheese produced by Eiker Gårdsysteri cheesemakers is kept and gains its distinctive flavour.

The Mine Cheese is produced by Eiker Gårdsysteri cheesemakers, using milk from happy cows. It can only be called Mine Cheese if it has been stored in the Cobalt Mines for at least six weeks. In October 2014, our Mine Cheese was awarded the Unique Taste speciality label by Matmerk. The speciality label is an information label for Norwegian-produced food, based on the best local ingredients, distinctive local recipes, and made by proud craftsmen.

In autumn 2016, the Mine Cheese won a bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian in Spain.

Eiker Gårdsysteri also makes Holtefjell cheese, which we store in the Cobalt Mines for a minimum of one year. Eiker Holtefjell has won several medals at the National Exhibition for Farm Cheese.

You can buy Mine Cheese at the Tourist Information Office at the Cobalt Works, and in the Miners’ Inn at the Cobalt Mines.