Barrelmakers’ Inn

On the bank of the Simoa River lies our traditional eatery, the Barrelmakers' Inn. Here you can enjoy our wide selection of homemade lunch and dinner dishes, which have been with us for more than 40 years.

This summer will be slightly different than earlier but the Barrelmakers’ Inn is open as usual. The menu is a bit shorter than normal. We facilitate to do as much outdoor serving as possible. To make it easier to keep distance we are organizing two different serving points. News this summer is that you can get our famous waffles, known from our other cafeterias, here as well when the weather is nice!

When cobalt pigment production was at its peak in the 1800s, these buildings were not used for serving food. At that time, they were actually two separate buildings. The bigger of the two was the cooperage, and the smaller was the smithy. The barrels made in the cooperage were used as containers for the cobalt pigment, which was shipped all over the world.

The Barrelmakers’ Inn serves thousands of visitors every year. Relaxing on our outside terrace in summer, in the beautiful green surroundings, is a memory on which many people look back fondly.

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