The Ida Lorentzen Museum

The Director’s Residence at Nyfossum has been restored and furnished to reflect the mid-19th century. What was once home to Friedrich Roscher, this empire-style house is now also a museum showing works by contemporary artist Ida Lorentzen (born 1951 New York).

Exploring the various rooms of the Director’s Residence, you will discover Lorentzen’s beautiful pastels with motifs that reflect the cool elegance of the house.

Ida Lorentzen started exploring these rooms in 2001 and made a series of pastels, showing the many rooms and the changes of natural light throughout the day. Her focus on light and space, windows and doors, creates a portrait of the inner soul of this historic house.

Ida Lorentzen is among our greatest artists and has dedicated her world of motifs to create and recreate life in empty rooms. Today you can experience several of her pastels in this permanent exhibition where the motifs both give you the recollection of a room you just passed and a foresight on what’s coming.

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