Cultural Trail

South Mines Trail

The South Mines Trail is our newest cultural trail. Lying south of the car park at the Cobalt Mines, this area has been reclaimed by nature for many years. Clearing the cultural landscape again has also brought the cultural relics of the South Mines to the fore and stunning viewpoints are now accessible.

The landscape around the South Mines is typified by the rubble heaps, formed from the waste rock taken from the mines and left over after the cobalt ore had been removed. It is these rubble heaps which have formed the landscape, and which we can now follow on this cultural trail.

On the trail, we will pass the remains of old residential areas, a mine gallery, opencast mines, and we will use the old road network which connected the Ore Road running between the Cobalt Works and Cobalt Mines with the cart road over to Simostranda.

Old photos and maps from the 19th century are a big feature on the information boards which we will see on the trail. The photos and maps enable us to pinpoint exactly where the mine galleries are beneath us, where buildings were located, and what each part of the Cobalt Mines area was used for.

The trail is partly on gravel roads, and partly on paths in rugged terrain. You can extend the trail with a side trail, about 1 km each way, to the Hoggvarden viewpoint, where you can enjoy almost 360 degree views.

It is interesting to discover the big difference between the mining facilities in the north and those in the south of the Cobalt Mines, where Mine Manager Böbert started his experiment in 1827, when he drove a gallery along under the base of the opencast mines.

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