Art exhibition

Lillebet Foss

At the Kittelsen Museum in 2019 we present Lillebet Foss' artworks.

Lillebet Foss (1930–2017) was a truely unique artist. Her art-works, which included both paintings and sculptures, are rooted in a fascination and love for the secret world of animals.

In 1893, Theodor Kittelsen posed the question, “Do animals have souls?” and provided his answer through a series of lithographic works that featured animals
in human situations. Upon viewing Lillebet Foss’s artworks, one feels compelled to believe that animals do indeed have souls.

Foss became a friend and advocate of animals. She travelled as frequently as possible with her sketch book tucked under one arm, visiting zoological gardens around the world and spending long hours studying the anatomy and unique behaviours of animals.

The exhibition features a selection of sculptures, drawings and prints by the artist. Several of the works are on loan from the archive of Guttorm Guttormsgaard.

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