Art exhibition

Opening May 11: Lul Krag & Tone Indrebø

Our 2019-exhibition "Norwegian landscapes" presenting the Norwegian artists Lul Krag and Tone Indrebo has got a natural connection to the landscape around the Cobalt Works. Both artists has got a close relationship to nature.

Contemporary artist Tone Indrebo (born 1954) are using the landscapes of the eastern part of Norway, her own view from her livingroom. She deepens herself in the motif, put on layers, builds the image into sculptural formations. The expression becomes a “Perception of Nature”.

Lul Krag’s (1878-1956) depictions with coal and ink wash, inspired by chinese art, gives us strong perceptions of the mighty landscapes of the western part of Norway. Lul Krag was an artist using her inner compass, she did not follow the trends, and was therefore forgotten. This exhitbition is the largest exhibition of her works so far.

More information to come.

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