Treasures from the home

Nyt hjemmets skatter fra kunstens verden når Blaafarveværket feirer 50 år som museum. I en bredt sammensatt utstilling kan du la deg facsinere av nydelig porselen og keramikk.

Paintings and artefacts are a testament to our need for beautiful things, whether these are to be used or just admired.

Behind the theme of this year’s exhibition is the history of Blaafarveværket itself. In 1776, four years after the discovery of cobalt deposits in Modum, the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory became Blaafarveværket’s first customer. The blue colour pigment was used to decorate items including the blue fluted porcelain for which we still have a great fondness.

Porcelain was the white gold – a status item with which the European royal families filled their palaces, with each country preferring to produce its own. Gradually porcelain found its way into everyday people’s homes and lives.

This is the first exhibition in the Nordic region which focuses on porcelain and ceramics as a theme in the visual arts as well as in arts and crafts. The theme of the exhibition shows us how dinner services and tea sets are present in a range of different contexts in the home, from showing off your best crockery at parties to forecasting future events. What stories do the objects have to tell us? What can they tell us about an era or a fashion? How are contemporary artists taking their inspiration from traditional materials and themes?

We display works from famous and less well-known artists including:

Vilhelm Hammershøi (DK), Carl Vilhelm Holsøe (DK), O.A. Hermansen (DK), Fritz Syberg (DK), Peter Illsted (DK), Isaac Grünewald (SE), Richard Bergh (SE), Pehr Hilleström (SE), Julius Kronberg (SE), Frits Thaulow (NO), Edvard Munch (NO), Vincent Stoltenberg Lerche (NO), Jacob Bratland (NO), Carl Fridthjof Smith (NO), Christian Meyer Ross (NO), Adolph Tidemand (NO), Johanne Siqveland (NO), Nikolai Astrup (NO), Gerhard Munthe (NO) in dialogue with contemporary artists including Vanessa Baird (NO), Bjørn Båsen (NO), Irene Nordli (NO), Paul Scott (UK), Lisa Milroy (CA), Jan de Vliegher (BE), Niels Strøbek (DK), Lena Cronqvist (SE), Caroline Slotte (FI).

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