Art exhibition

Lul Krag & Tone Indrebø

A unique experience! The first major exhibition featuring works of art by Lul Krag (1878–1956) and Tone Indrebø (born 1954).

The exhibition is an enthralling presentation of two female Norwegian artists. They chose a life of seclusion and dedicated their unique artistic styles to the depiction of nature.

Lul Krag was the daughter of Ole Herman Johannes Krag – the creator of the Krag-Jørgensen rifle – and Elise Theodora Collett from Buskerud Manor in Modum. Lul Krag lived in Rosendal from 1927. Her monumental depictions using charcoal and ink, inspired by Asian and European art, create powerful impressions of the magnificent nature of Western Norway.

In the exhibition, we have installed Lul Krag’s enormous wall panels for the first time in almost a century. Below is a photograph from her studio in Rosendal with her own works spanning from the floor to the ceiling – which is how we also present them. Guaranteed to be a spellbinding experience!

Contemporary artist Tone Indrebø’s works focus on the intimate Norwegian nature in the East. Her apartment overlooks the Bærumsmarka Forest, a view she has seen for 40 years. With her back to the view, she immerses herself in the motif through recollection. Layer upon layer she builds up the surface of her canvas.

The exhibition features a varied selection of Indrebø’s paintings from the last 30 years.

Tranquility and reflection are the common denominators of Krag and Indrebø’s landscape depictions. Their art share a love for mankind’s close relationship to nature.

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