Art exhibition 2020

Mathilde Dietrichson

Get to know the pioneer Mathilde Dietrichson (1837–1921), the first Norwegian woman with a professional education.

Dietrichson was a modern career woman combining art with her own family. Her paintings were exhibited at the great exhibitions around Europe. This is the first time since the memorial exhibition in 1922 that her diverse and exciting art i gathered for a large exhibition.
The exhibition presents masterpieces from the golden era. From genre art to cityscapes and portraits. The exhibition also presents other female artists from Dietrichson’s generation, such as Aasta Hansteen, Christiane Schreiber and Hedevig Erichsen Lund. In 1923 she was highlighted and celebrated as newly dicovered together with artists such as Peder Balke, Mathias Stoltenberg, Ole Juul og Lars Hertervig.
OPENS 9th May 2020
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