The spectacular

Mine Safari

If you would like to go deep into the heart of the Cobalt Mines, then the Mine Safari is for you. This is our most spectacular tour where you will power your way through drifts, shafts and huge mountain halls along the way. Are you ready for a subterranean safari?

The tour starts in the Mining Yard. Any tour of the Cobalt Mines is exciting, but the mine safari has added excitement, as you will discover when you climb down the first ladder. It is a real ‘wow’ moment when you reach the big caverns which used to contain the cobalt ore, which was extracted by hand by the mine workers here in the 19th century. It is impressive to think that only 0.02% of all the rock that was extracted contained cobalt!

The tour is 1.5 km long, has a total ascent/descent of 80 metres, and takes 2.5 hours. The atmospheric lighting and walkways right along the route allow you to journey all the way from the Clara Gallery where you enter the mine, down to the 800 metre long Ludvig Eugen Gallery, from where you leave the mine and head back out into the fresh air. Through a unique network of galleries, you pass beautiful rock formations, deep shafts and terraces providing magical views. All this inside the mountain!

We recommend that everyone who goes on one of our guided mine tours wears suitable clothing and good shoes. The temperature in the Cobalt Mines is around 4 degrees Centigrade all year round. Everyone who goes on a tour will be issued with a helmet and fleece cape which they must return. On this tour, you will be climbing ladders and tackling some steep stairs. For this reason, the minimum age for this tour is 10, and you need to be physically fit.

This tour takes place on selected days; see Facts. Tickets are sold in the Miners’ Inn, and you can book them in advance.

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