Glass Smeltery

At the heart of the Cobalt Works lies the beautiful Glass Smeltery — Scandinavia’s largest timber-framed building. The Glass Smeltery was built all the way back in 1779 and played a key role in the production of blue pigment. Today, we use the main hall for holding our biggest events and concerts.

At the heart of the Cobalt Works is the impressive building which with its unique appearance has become a symbol for us in many ways. When the Cobalt Works were in their heyday, the Glass Smeltery housed the huge smelting furnaces, and all the material which was eventually transformed into the cobalt blue pigment passed through here during the refining process. Cobalt ore, quartz and potash were smelted here to form blue glass, which was then milled into a fine blue pigment.

The Glass Smeltery is divided into three rooms. In the South Room, you can enjoy the display ‘The cobalt factory – from grey to blue’. Here you can see models which show the fascinating process involved in making blue pigment, from start to finish. Starting with the mining of cobalt ore in the mountain, through to the shipment all over the world of barrels full of pigment.

You are also welcome to attend free Sunday concerts here throughout the summer season. These include performances by local choirs and young, talented musicians from the Sparebank Foundation’s Dextra Musica, jazz musicians and bands. The Glass Smeltery is also used for conferences, and the function room is big enough to cater for up to 330 diners in atmospheric, historic surroundings.