Art exhibition

Aslaug M. Juliussen

For almost 40 years now, textile artist Aslaug M. Juliussen (born 1953) has worked with organic materials from reindeer, such as leather, horn, hair and bones, in her artworks.

Using a variety of techniques such as carving, dismemberment, cutting, sewing and gluing, she strives to find new ways of understanding the material with which she works. Juliussen takes everything apart, sorts it and puts it together to create beautiful, fascinating objects with new meanings, perspectives and relationships.

Intersections is the largest and most impressive presentation of Juliussen’s artworks to date. It is not a retrospective exhibition, but a varied presentation of her artistic career from the early 1990s to current times. This critic-acclaimed exhibition is a collaborative project in partnership with Northern Norway Art Museum in Tromsø.

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