Art exhibition 2020

Ellen Grieg

Experience the largest exhibition of artist Ellen Grieg’s work thus far (b. 1948). TRANSFORMATIONS. A retrospective exhibition

The exhibition showcases Grieg’s entire artistic career, from her diploma work at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1973 to new works created specifically for this exhibition.Grieg often works in series. This gives her the opportunity to deeply understand the pattern and material she is working with.

Her art can be described as colourful, playful, poetic, dancing and welcoming. Her latest pieces—colourful sculptures made with rope that hangs freely in the room—create a magical experience among the rustic walls of the Timber Barn.Children are welcome to climb Grieg’s 1973 diploma work—a large textile depicting an apple tree with ripe, red apples.

OPENS 9th May 2020

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