Art exhibition 2021

Danny Larsen

We are very excited to finally be able to present to you the art exhibition "Darkness" by Danny Larsen in 2021.

Forest wanderer Danny Larsen (b. 1981) sees poetry, mysticism and magic in his surrounding nature. He shares this ability with Theodor Kittelsen.

A former professional snowboarder and style icon, Larsen recently took a new direction into the field of art. The speed of sport was replaced with the calm of the forest. As a self-taught artist, he has developed his own visual language: paintings created by tiny dots of acrylic paint. With varying degree of light and darkness in the colour, he creates motifs of mighty sunbeams that pierce through the trees and misty fogs covering the forest landscape. Larsen lures us into the dark with his motifs from Krokskogen and other places where he has wandered.

The artist has participated in several exhibitions and has collaborated with Maaemo, K2 and Satyricon.

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