The Cobalt Mines

The Cobalt Mines stretch across a three-kilometre area in Skuterudåsen. It was here that cobalt ore was found in 1772 and became the basis of the Cobalt Works.

An eight kilometre drive along the old Ore Road from the Cobalt Works is the start of your exploration of the ridge. The Cobalt Mines, which in the mid-19th-century were Norway’s biggest employer, with over 1200 employees and more than 1800 residents, is a fantastic area which opens up in front of your eyes as you approach.

There is a lot to experience in the Cobalt Mines, and we recommend that you allow a whole day for them. Start at the Miners’ Inn at the Mining Yard. You can get all the information you need here, buy tickets to guided tours in the Cobalt Mines, and home-made food which you can enjoy inside or outside.

Mine tours
We offer three different types of guided tours in the Cobalt Mines, and there are several tours every day. Read all about them here on our website, and talk to the staff, who will help you decide which tour is best for you.

Mine museums
The Mining Yard is surrounded by a number of buildings. The Sorting House, Mine Manager’s Residence and Canteen have been reconstructed in their original form, and turned into museums. These will give you an insight into the working methods and tools of mining, and allow us to display some of our fascinating archive material. You will also be introduced to some of the key figures in the Cobalt Mines’ history, such as Mine Manager Karl Friedrich Böbert (1804-1869), who is also commemorated on a memorial stone in the Mining Yard. At the Mining Yard you also find the Children’s Workshop and Children’s House.

Walking trails
The area round the Cobalt Mines is perfect for walking, and we have created two cultural trails here. The North Mines Trail and the South Mines Trail guide you round the huge opencast mines, rubble heaps and viewpoints, and there are stunning panoramic views across to the Tyrifjord and Vikersundbakken. Read more about the cultural trails here on There are also two other waymarked trails in the area.

Trekking cabin
The Norwegian Trekking Association has waymarked an 11 km long trail all the way from Haugfoss waterfall up to its no-service Koboltkoia trekking cabin, in an idyllic setting beside the North Mines. There is also an interesting cultural trail to the old settlements in the area.

The Kittelsen Museum
The Kittelsen Museum is also at the Cobalt Mines. The building used to be used as residential accommodation for the mine workers, and now provides a beautiful setting for the displays of the works of our national artist Theodor Kittelsen, which depict this landscape and Norwegian nature in their own unique way. Read more about the Kittelsen Museum here. On Skuterud Ridge just behind the museum are coin-operated binoculars so that you can admire the panoramic views of Modum, Tyrifjord and Ringerike.

Did you know that the Cobalt Mines have been featured in Norwegian movies three times in the last few years? ‘Magic Silver II’ was the first. Then came ‘Ragnarok Riddle’ and in 2016, the Cobalt Mines were the location for some scenes in the film ‘Supervention 2’.