Children’s Mine Tour

This guided tour for children tells the story about the most beautiful blue color in the world! Come along for an exciting and educational activity for the whole family.

This tour is specially designed for children aged from 4 to 10, and starts in the Mining Yard, where the guide accompanies the group to the special glass entrance to the Forhåpnings Gallery. Here everyone is issued with helmets and fleece capes. Although it is designed for children, this tour is actually exciting and educational for people of all generations, and is an excellent introduction to the Cobalt Mines. It is one of our most exciting activities for children.

Once you have your helmet on, you will follow the piles of rock beside the opencast mines outside, until it is time to go underground. Now you enter a distinctive landscape inside the fascinating mine galleries, where you will look down into deep shafts and walk over a footbridge through a deep cleft between the opencast mines, from where you can look up to the sky outside.

You will learn about the treasures of the mountain, like cobalt flowers and other beautiful minerals. Will we find any blue pigment in the rock?

Theodor Kittelsen’s trolls and gnomes can also be glimpsed in the rock walls. Most of us will spot at least one of Kittelsen’s figures.

After the mine tour, children can have a go at the mine quiz, with every child who takes part getting a prize, or they can try their hand at the activities in the Children’s Workshop outside the Miners’ Inn.

Tickets are sold in the Miners’ Inn in the Mining Yard, and you can book them in advance.

NB! This tour is guided only in Norwegian.

Download a quick list on all our guided tours in the mines 2020 her.

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