Children’s Farm

Many children have their first close encounter with animals at the Children’s Farm at the Cobalt Works. The farmyard and the old buildings where the animals roam free are one of our popular activities for children.

Pigs, calves, horses, chickens and goats are familiar sights on farms all over the country, but there are many people who have never seen them in real life. At the Children’s Farm, you will be greeted by inquisitive young goats as soon as you walk through the gate. They jump, scramble and clatter around the rocky knolls, and hide under the barn. The calves like to eat grass down in the meadow, and enjoy being petted by visitors of all ages. The pigs have their own sty, where you can stand by the fence and watch them perform their favourite activity – rolling around in the dirt.

The most popular residents on the Children’s Farm are the rabbits. If you ask any of the people working on the farm, you will be allowed to hold them and pet them if you are brave enough.

There is always either a lorry or a tractor on a farm, and here we have both. Children with big dreams love having their photo taken sitting on Little Grey Fergie, our tractor. Another popular resident is our vintage lorry, a 1931 Ford Model A, which you might recognise from period dramas on TV. At the end of June every year, we have Children’s Day down at the farm. This is a big day for Little Grey Fergie and the lorry, which drive round and round the farm, carrying cargos of excited children.

The buildings on the farm have all been brought here from the local area. The barn, rectory and storehouse all have their own story, which you can read about on site. In the barn, we have a display of old farm implements. Outside the farm is a barbecue area. There is also a covered area where you are welcome to eat a packed lunch.

Entry to the Children’s Farm is free.

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