New 2020

Children’s Bouldering Cave

At the Cobalt Works, across the lawn from the Smeltery, the is a cave. Throughout the years our visitors have been drawn to this cave and wondered what it is. Some ask us if this is the Cobalt Mines. Other make their own theories. Some children believe this is where the troll lives. Now you can stop wondering. The cave has become the CHILDREN'S BOULDERING CAVE!

Together with experts from Høyt & Lavt climbing parks the cave is filled with exciting elements that challenges the children’s balance, climbing, coordination and agility abilities. The elements are made using wood and ropes.  «Dogans ladder», «Fleas jump» and «Balance rope»are among the challenges in the cave. Outside there is a horizontal traverse wall for the children to test their skills.

The Children’s Bouldering Cave is an unmanned free offer for active children to explore on their own or together with an adult. The cave is facilitated and secured so that you do not need safety equipment.

When you visit the cave you will notice a happy little fellow above the entrance. This is our mascot Kobald, drawn by the local artist Bjørn Båsen.

The cave was warmly welcomed last summer and we love seeing happy and active children explore the bouldering cave.

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