11:00 - 17:00 24 June

Children’s Day down at the farm

The Cobalt Works 11:00 - 17:00 24. June Free

This long-established event attracts more and more visitors and is an action-packed day for the children. On this day, all the focus is on the farm, where the animals and vehicles are ready for a busy day.

Horses, calves, pigs, kids, rabbits and the various other animals all look forward to this day. And if we are lucky, baby chickens will be hatching out in the barn today. If they have already hatched, you can come in and hold one of the tiny balls of feathers if you want. Our good friend Jens Peder will be there with his horses and cart, and you can hitch a ride with him around the farm. You can also ride on Little Grey Fergie the tractor and our old lorry; all you have to do is join the queue, and then you can ride around as many times as you like.

We will have a stall at the farm entrance where you can buy grilled sausages and mineral water, coffee and other snacks. You are also welcome to buy ice creams and other food at the Tourist Information Office and Barrelmakers’ Inn. Entrance is free.

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