About the Cobalt Works and Mines

The Royal Cobalt Works of Modum were established in 1776 for the purpose of mining cobalt from the mines in Modum. The cobalt was used in the production of cobalt blue pigment for the worldwide porcelain and glass industry.

The Cobalt Works and Mines is currently an 8 km long museum offering a mixture of art, culture and nature which provides tranquillity, recreation and experiences for every generation, with:

• three new art exhibitions every year
• six exciting museum shops with specialities
• three atmospheric eateries where we serve home-made food
• a children’s farm
• children’s mine tours
• guided mine tours in the mining complex dating back to the 19th century
• walking areas beside huge open-cast mines with stunning viewpoints
• mine museums showing the development of mining technology
• the Eiker Gårdsysteri cheese store inside the mines

In 2017, the Cobalt Works and Mines received more than 150,000 visitors between them. That makes us one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.