It is 8 km between the Cobalt Works (B) and the Cobalt Mines (K). To get the most out of the experience we recommend you set aside one day for each of the locations.

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Welcome back 11th May 2019

Click and get inspired to a historical tour in the Cobalt Mines with great attractions as an underground suspension bridge and glass floor!


The Cobalt Works

At the Cobalt Works you will find the annual art exhibition, historical exhibitions, the Children’s Farm, homemade food at the Barrelmakers’ Inn and The Blue Shop.


The Cobalt Mines

The Cobalt Mines stretch across a three-kilometre area in Skuterudåsen. It was here that cobalt ore was found in 1772 and became the basis of the Cobalt Works.

Art exhibition

Opening 11th May: Lul Krag & Tone Indrebø

"Perceptions of Nature"


Koboltblått glass

The Blue Shop

The Cobalt Works
Bilde av disken med gammeldags godteri i Landhandleriet på Haugfoss

General Store

The Cobalt Works
Bilde av blå ringer i stein og smykkebutikken
Bilde fra museumsbutikken på Blaafarveværket

Museum Shop

The Cobalt Works
Bilde av blide ansatte i Turistinformasjonen

Tourist Information Office

The Cobalt Works
Bilde av stabbursbutikken på Nyfossum

Storehouse Shop

The Cobalt Works
Bile fra Gruvebutikken på Koboltgruvene

Mine Shop and information

The Cobalt Mines

Mat & drikke

Bilde av Idyllisk uterservering på Thranestua ved Haugfossen


The Cobalt Works
The Barrelmaker's Inn

Barrelmakers’ Inn

The Cobalt Works
Bilde av stor vaffel med syltetøy

Miners’ Inn

The Cobalt Mines